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How many pictures will we receive?

The number of pictures you receive depends solely on the package you choose! These typically are no less than 25 images, available for digital download. There are multiple add-on options as well.

What do I wear?

What you are most comfortable in! If you have lingerie pieces you already own, that’s a great place to start! You will also have access to my ever growing wardrobe where we can pick out certain pieces that speak to you and set the tone for the shoot you envision. Some examples of items that would be beautiful in any session are: a white v-neck t-shirt, a babydoll, a bra/panty set, button down shirt, robe or a large over sized cardigan.

I don’t know how to pose! What do I do?

I got you. You don’t have to know every movement or pose—that’s what I’m for! I will show you the exact pose I want by doing it myself and having you mirror me! I will fix your hair and your garments and coach you through the whole session.

Can you make me look thinner?

Absolutely not. Remember, FYL (first love yourself). That means the way you are, right now. No matter where you’re at on your journey self-acceptance, I can’t wait to photograph you and show you how perfect you are right NOW. Your body is beautiful just the way it is. I will pose you and accentuate your favorite assets.

Will my photos be public?

I take your privacy very seriously. I will only post pictures on public social media (ie: instagram, facebook group, TikTok) that you agree too or if you sign a model release. Chances are you will love your pictures so much you will want me to share so you can see how many other women comment on how STUNNING you are.

Should I get a spray tan?

If you do not normally tan or get spray tanned, I recommend no spray tans at least 7-10 days prior to your session. During my editing process, unnatural colors could potentially throw off the images.

I also don’t recommend waxing for the first time right before your session. If you’d prefer to be waxed, I suggest having at least 2 sessions completed prior.

Let Your Important Memories Decorate Your Home

Wall art, printed photos, albums

01 / 03

Let Your Important Memories Decorate Your Home

Wall art, printed photos, albums

02 / 03

Let Your Important Memories Decorate Your Home

Wall art, printed photos, albums

03 / 03